Your medication in personalized sachets

No need to sort your medication and manage many cumbersome containers anymore. We make your life easier by sorting your medication for you in individualized sachets at no extra cost!

Even easier to take your medication when you subscribe to the POSO+Pack service

Avoid mistakes

Your medication is sorted in accordance with your daily dosage and the time of day you need to take it.

Dispenser box

We will provide a free dispenser box to put your sachets in.

Easy to open

Your daily dose will be in an easy to open sachet.

Easy to carry

The sachet can easily fit in your pocket or bag. No more cumbersome pill box.


POSO+Pack bags are made from recyclable plastic.
POSO+Pack Box

Are you taking care of a loved one?

Making sure a loved one takes the right medication at the right time can be complicated. POSO+Pack offers a better control because each sachet holds the recommended daily dosage and is identified with the date and time it must be taken. Furthermore, a family member or caregiver may be added to a patient's file to facilitate communication with our pharmacists and at the same time, make your loved one's life easier.